Kennedy Montessori School has a high quality academic curriculum that is delivered in every program. Whether your child is gifted and talented, or requires support in specific areas, Kennedy Montessori has the qualified staff to meet your child's needs.

Since 2011 based upon the Canadian Achievement Test, a nationally standardized test that most schools administer annually, our upper elementary students perform at an extraordinarily high level.

The results are as follows: 

2011              National Percentile Ranking
Math                     98.75
Language             96.75

2012              National Percentile Ranking
Math                     97
Language             97

Two Year
Summary      National Percentile Ranking

Math                     97.875
Language             96.875

In addition as we follow those students who have progressed through upper elementary, we see the following increase in national percentile from grade 3 through grade 6.

The average increase in math over two grades or more is 12% higher.

The average increase in language over two grades or more is 18% higher.


*These results are harmonized with the public school's process for student qualification and may exclude some students with identified learning challenges.


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