For the upcoming school year, one of our goals includes improving parent communications and eliminating paper forms as much as possible.  As part of this endeavor, KMPS will be using Owlwise to electronically manage the registrations for activities such as field trips.  With the Owlwise software, you can conveniently and securely receive communications from KMPS regarding your child’s activities.  You will be notified by email of school events and will eventually be able to approve and pay for events from any Internet connected device, such as a PC, tablet or smart phone.  We also hope to be able to post pictures of school events on this secure site.  This will eliminate privacy concerns.  The teachers will eventually be able to post information about specific classroom activities, or homework assignments.  This will be a helpful link for both parents and students.

Please see Owlwise link below:


Please click on the link below if you have not yet registered for an Owlwise account.


 Owlwise Registration 




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