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“But an adult if he is to provide proper guidance, must always be calm and act slowly so that the child who is watching him can clearly see his actions in all their particulars.” - Maria Montessori

Anne Dimoff - Principal

Anne has been running Montessori schools since she fell sideways into owning one over 25 years ago. Since childhood she knew that she had a passion for teaching, and when the school where she was teaching French went up for sale she quickly moved into an administrative role. That school was Agincourt Montessori school, and now, years later, Agincourt and Kennedy are still being steered by her expert hands. If you are looking for a school owned by someone who wants what is best for the school and its students then this is it.

Connie Fan - Toddler Teacher

My name, Connie, means a 'pleasant, easy-going, and responsible nature’. I think you can agree that these traits are important for teaching the youngest of students!

As Maria Montessori said, "Of all things LOVE is the most potent." I bring love to the work I do every day, which I believe is important when working with children and their families. Love brings together  essential elements such as respect, trust, and understanding which help provide a thoughtful and responsible environment for learning and sharing. I also believe that children learn from real life experience; just like I gained rich experiences when dealing with young children in different educational settings for over 20 years.
In 2005, I joined Kennedy Montessori School as a teaching assistant in the Casa classroom. When I was given the opportunity to move to the newly created Toddler room I was thrilled! I received my degree, a teacher's certificate, and a Master's degree in Education from Hong Kong. I also earned my Early Childhood Education diploma, and the Toddler Montessori diploma in Canada.
Working with young children makes me feel younger everyday!

Tiffany Lee - Toddle Teacher

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Jane Anna Corpus - Toddler Teacher

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Natalie Tang - Casa Teacher

I began teaching Casa children at Kennedy Montessori in 2016. In that year I was fortunate to teach alongside an amazing teacher, Mrs. Usha Singh, from whom I acquired invaluable skills and knowledge that have helped me to navigate the wonderful world of the Casa child. I completed my training at Toronto Montessori Institute under the direction of four inspirational teachers. I learned the method for teaching the five main areas of the Montessori curriculum, but more importantly, I learned that our teaching method helps to develop the all-important life skills that are necessary for children to move effectively within our world; impulse control, body awareness, the ability to remain focused and the flexibility to handle change and disappointment. I love to share arts and crafts with my students. I look forward to our yearly Christmas crafts! I feel that every child deserves a Montessori education, and Kennedy Montessori is a great place to be. We are a small staff with a big heart.

Nancy Fonseca - Casa Teacher

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Usha Singh - Casa Teacher

Over my twenty year career as a teacher I have come to appreciate how each day brings new experiences for me and my students. Watching my students grow, learn and develop in their own unique way is something that I cherish deeply.

I started my career in India. After completing my Bachelors in Arts and Bachelors in Education I then taught in primary and elementary schools across various disciplines and subject areas. Once my family moved to Canada, I received my Montessori Education diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale in Toronto and have been a Montessori teacher for over thirteen years.

As a Casa Directress at Kennedy Montessori School, I have come to appreciate the curiosity of our young students and I aim to turn their curiosity into a thirst for knowledge and education. I'm known for my versatile style of instructing, depending on the needs of each student, and my ability to be empathetic to their challenges. I hope to continue teaching for a long time and look forward to a class full of young, eager scholars!

“A Montessori teacher's task is no small or easy one! She has to prepare a huge amount of knowledge to satisfy the child's mental hunger, and she is not, like the ordinary teacher, limited by a syllabus”.




Shirley Chan - Casa Assistant

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Cindy Yung - Casa Assistant

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Karen Richards - Elementary Teacher

Working with children, particularly in the capacity of caregiver and teacher, was a career that called to me even from a young age.  You could say I have been in the field of child care since the age of twelve when I first began a very busy babysitting career!  It was my time working as a peer tutor during my high school years that convinced me of what a truly rewarding career teaching would be, and so I was very happy when I was accepted into the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education program at Brock University.  
I entered the teaching profession as an Upper Elementary teacher for a Montessori private school in Brantford.  Working in this environment provided me the opportunity to see the Montessori Method in action.  This unique approach was exactly what I had always believed to be the best way for children to learn.  As such, I was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself for me to obtain my training and certification in the Montessori Method and to truly put this method into practice.
I now have over thirty-one years of teaching experience, have gained additional qualifications from the Ministry of Education, and have gone on to complete my Upper Elementary training. The Lower Elementary level remains my greatest love however, and while I have had the opportunity to teach at a variety of Montessori schools previous to joining Kennedy, it is Kennedy’s commitment to providing a true Montessori experience that drew me to this school in particular.  I am truly blessed to be part of this team and look forward each day to observing, firsthand, the enthusiasm and love for learning on the part of the children who continue their journey into the Lower Elementary program.

Adina Raban - Elementary Teacher

I consider myself a fortunate educator who has the privilege to inspire young minds, and to get inspired by them, to offer support and guidance throughout the process of learning in a prepared Montessori environment. I graduated with a strong
educational and ethical philosophy that has remained with me throughout my life.
In 1998, when I was 19 years old, I received my early childhood and elementary
teaching diploma, having acquired an extensive education in pedagogy and child psychology. At that time, I got my first teaching job, and I continued to work with
children until the present time. Now I hold a Montessori Elementary Teacher
Diploma from Toronto Montessori Institute. I have been working as an Upper
Elementary teacher at Kennedy Montessori School since 2012, and I consider myself privileged to be part of our school’s community. When I am not at school I enjoy travelling and spending time with my family.

Terry Chiu - Middle-School Teacher

The idea of teaching full-time had never really occurred to me growing up. I knew that I enjoyed sharing knowledge with others, but I never imagined it would become such an integral part of my life. Last year I came to Kennedy Montessori to teach the middle school class. Working with that age group opened my eyes to the wondrous feeling of satisfaction whenever a child reaches that moment of clarity and understanding. These children are creative and hard-working, they just need the opportunity and the inspiration to drive them forward. I believe that my role is to give them the opportunities they need to grow, and to provide them with the inspiration they need to carve a path for their own future. Montessori has shown me a way to change a child's life for the better. It has given me a chance to help these adolescents discover themselves in a way I never thought possible. Through methods of creativity and discovery, I work to provide the foundation for these children who will soon be walking out into the real world.

Mme. Poopak Haghi - French Teacher

I worked as a French Immersion Casa Montessori teacher for over 16 years and I have now transitioned to being a core French teacher at Kennedy Montessori.  I am thoroughly enjoying my new position!   I learned French while attending high school in France and I loved the language enough to continue learning by taking literature courses at university.  Now I am pleased to hold an Early Childhood Montessori diploma from TMI and I am learning to integrate the Montessori approach into my teaching.  It is a pleasure to be part of a great team at Kennedy Montessori, where everyone feels welcomed.

Amy Tung – Office Administration

Amy is the backbone of the office here. She manages to do all the tricky math stuff that we don’t understand, make sure the day to day things happen the way that they should, AND she is a helpful and kind friend to all the staff and students here. If you ever need help or have a question, ask Amy.

Kiera Thompson - Administration

As long as I have known about Montessori I have believed in it as an educational system. Once I had my own children it became clear to me how important a quality education is – and in my mind you don’t get better than Montessori. That is why I do what I do. I wish everyone could get the kind of education we offer here.

I am in the enviable position of coming on board at a school that is staffed with amazing people. The teachers, assistants, and support staff are all absolutely fantastic at what they do, and it makes me proud to be here to help them.


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